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Tutorials, workshops, seminars, didactic meetings - a little part of the story of the implementation of Architeaching in the partner institutions is in these 62 documentary films. Enjoy!

A very interesting workshop on Kirigami was developed in the coordinating institution, the 21st of March 2012, run by Nicu Vlad, teacher of ICT. As we filmed this event, we post it here. It's in Romanian, but you can watch the technique as well as you can learn new fine Romanian words and expressions! :)

An the Kirigami workshops during Vialonga - Lisbon reunion.

The final products of Architeaching are:

1) a complex web site containing the realizations of the project (the main mean of communication and of evaluation);

2) a multimedia history of the Glossary Link architecture of the countries involved, written in English, French and Spanish;

3) 2D&3D simulations of European cities of the past, of the present and of the future;

4) a contest between participating institutions to create the house and the city of the future (simulation 2D-3D on computer);

5) a multimedia multi-language dictionary of architectural terms;

6) a conjoint research about the architecture (or the descriptions of the cities and of the buildings) in the national literature;

7) TV shows and 5 documentary films about the history of the architecture in every participating country.



Actions and/or final products

September 2012

Planning the second project year of Architeaching


Newly re-built project teams; 2 tests for admission in project teams; 3 training courses (architecture, soft and filming) and evaluation for the new members;

October 2012

Project reunion-Poland; presentations and quality evaluations of products of the project Workgroups 25 items/institution on website - evaluation of new linguistic & cultural

competencies; new software for 2D-3D; new project facilities; Evaluation of meeting;

November 2012

- 5 themes of study on national architecture with 2D-3D illustration structured in periods-Antiquity, Middle Age,XVIII-IX th, XX-XXI th made by Workgroups History&2D-3D in each school and published on the project’s website;

Nov.- Dec.2012

Finishing the Online Dictionaries with Architectural terms

Finishing the simulations 2D-3D of European cities of the past, of the present and of the future;

Jan. - Febr.2013

- Finishing the Foreign language courses with Architecture specific

- Finishing Encyclopedia of Architecture-architectural terms, definitions, equivalencies in all languages of the project, 2D-3D simulations in 3 versions: paper, multimedia & internet;

- works on History of National Architecture in European context in every institution;

March 2013

Conjunct study of Workgroup Literature & Architecture with Internet and multimedia versions about the presence of architecture in national literature: 30 texts/institution with translations in English, French, Spanish & one analytic essay for each text;

April 2013

1-4 of April – French national contest - Romania (coordinator)

7-11 of April - NELPAE Portugal


- Project reunion – Spain – Ameria - Roquetas

- finishing a conjoint research about the architecture (or the descriptions of the cities and of the buildings) in the national literature;

- evaluation of Encyclopedia and of History of Architecture; shooting of one documentary film and one tv show of the project; evaluation of the products and on the meeting;

7 to 11 of May 2013 - Ancona

- Project reunion – Italy - Ancona

The Contest "House&city of the future" in the partner institutions: 4-5 essays&visual simulations for each institution; evaluation of the International Jury;

Presentations of portfolios and awarding ceremony of the Contest

"House&city of the future"; press conference, TV show and official presentations of all products of the project. Evaluation of reunion;

June-July 2013


TV shows.

Press conference.

Evaluations of the project products.

Pedagogic meetings.

The final report.

The teachers and the pupils from IES Turaniana – the Spanish partner in the project – has a different, Glossary Link original approach for implementing the project in their everyday school life. In Glossary Link order to achieve this approach, they have built several blogs where they put their works. We invite you to visit them and to share your opinion about this way of practicing new technologies and of Glossary Link building new knowledge.

IES Turaniana – Architeaching blogs

  1. Stadiums and other sports facilities
  2. Art in Andalusia
  3. A sea in plastic
  4. The house of the future
  5. Nowadays Architecture