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Friday, 12 October 2012 22:17

Activities&products - the second year of Architeaching: 2012-2013 Featured

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The final products of Architeaching are:

1) a complex web site containing the realizations of the project (the main mean of communication and of evaluation);

2) a multimedia history of the Glossary Link architecture of the countries involved, written in English, French and Spanish;

3) 2D&3D simulations of European cities of the past, of the present and of the future;

4) a contest between participating institutions to create the house and the city of the future (simulation 2D-3D on computer);

5) a multimedia multi-language dictionary of architectural terms;

6) a conjoint research about the architecture (or the descriptions of the cities and of the buildings) in the national literature;

7) TV shows and 5 documentary films about the history of the architecture in every participating country.



Actions and/or final products

September 2012

Planning the second project year of Architeaching


Newly re-built project teams; 2 tests for admission in project teams; 3 training courses (architecture, soft and filming) and evaluation for the new members;

October 2012

Project reunion-Poland; presentations and quality evaluations of products of the project Workgroups 25 items/institution on website - evaluation of new linguistic & cultural

competencies; new software for 2D-3D; new project facilities; Evaluation of meeting;

November 2012

- 5 themes of study on national architecture with 2D-3D illustration structured in periods-Antiquity, Middle Age,XVIII-IX th, XX-XXI th made by Workgroups History&2D-3D in each school and published on the project’s website;

Nov.- Dec.2012

Finishing the Online Dictionaries with Architectural terms

Finishing the simulations 2D-3D of European cities of the past, of the present and of the future;

Jan. - Febr.2013

- Finishing the Foreign language courses with Architecture specific

- Finishing Encyclopedia of Architecture-architectural terms, definitions, equivalencies in all languages of the project, 2D-3D simulations in 3 versions: paper, multimedia & internet;

- works on History of National Architecture in European context in every institution;

March 2013

Conjunct study of Workgroup Literature & Architecture with Internet and multimedia versions about the presence of architecture in national literature: 30 texts/institution with translations in English, French, Spanish & one analytic essay for each text;

April 2013

1-4 of April – French national contest - Romania (coordinator)

7-11 of April - NELPAE Portugal


- Project reunion – Spain – Ameria - Roquetas

- finishing a conjoint research about the architecture (or the descriptions of the cities and of the buildings) in the national literature;

- evaluation of Encyclopedia and of History of Architecture; shooting of one documentary film and one tv show of the project; evaluation of the products and on the meeting;

7 to 11 of May 2013 - Ancona

- Project reunion – Italy - Ancona

The Contest "House&city of the future" in the partner institutions: 4-5 essays&visual simulations for each institution; evaluation of the International Jury;

Presentations of portfolios and awarding ceremony of the Contest

"House&city of the future"; press conference, TV show and official presentations of all products of the project. Evaluation of reunion;

June-July 2013


TV shows.

Press conference.

Evaluations of the project products.

Pedagogic meetings.

The final report.

Last modified on Thursday, 18 October 2012 21:32
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