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Architectural terms, their definitions in English and their translations

There are 321 entries in this glossary.
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Term Definition

Having a timber framework with the spaces filled with masonry or plaster

Hammer beam ceiling

In Gothic architecture, one of a pair of of short horizontal members attached to the foot of a principal rafter in a roof, in place of a tie beam


"The eighteenth century included the five great styles of English furniture, that is, the Queen Anne, the Chippendale, the Adam, the Hepplewhite and the Sheraton. It is for this reason termed the "Golden Age" of English cabinet making. - Edgar G. Miller, Jr., American Antique Furniture, 1937, Vol. 1, p. 35

George Hepplewhite was almost a contemporary of Chippendale's, dying only seven years later. Practically nothing is known of his life, except that he carried on business in the parish of St. Giles, Cripplegate. Two years after his death in 1786, his The Cabinet-Maker and Up-holsterer's Guide appeared in 1788. A slightly revised edition was published the next year, and in in 1794, the "improved" third edition appeared.

The name Hepplewhite represents a style rather than one man's own handiwork -- a style lighter, and with more delicate grace than Chippendale.

In America, the Hepplewhite style is considered a substyle of Federal.

Hexagonal roof

Six-sided roof


Having six columns, as at one end or at both ends of a portico

Hip roof

a type of roof where all sides slope downwards to the walls

Hip(ped) roof

A roof with four sloped sides

Hipped gable

A roof having a sloping (hipped) end cutting off a gable

Honeysuckle ornament

Common Greek ornament featuring honeysuckle or palmettes.


A projecting molding above a door, window and archway to throw off rain

Horseshoe arches

An arch formed in the shape of a horseshoe, esp. as used in Moorish architecture.

A round arch that widens before rounding off.


possibly from an older term “heifunon” – a structural section connecting the main portion of a building with its projecting “dependencies” or wings.

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